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November 10, 2008



I like it. You've got my creative wheels turning. I might try to knock out a page or two tonight.


Thanks for sharing. I am also working on an Obama scrapbook that I'm hoping to share with my boys when they get older. They are 4 and 3 right now. I like the red and black color scheme idea. I am using red, cream and navy blue for my album - not the most original, but a good way to use up americana and 4th of july theme papers in my stash.

Detra Hicks

My juices are flowing all over the place. I found this webpage trying to compile layouts ideas. My scrapbook will have a patriotic theme with a vintage or aged look carried throughout. I chose the patriotic theme so that I can get all aspect of this year's presidential election under the same umbrella, For example: The Obma family, Martin Luther King Jr's vision for this, and o course I live in North Carolina so I am estaictic that our state went Dem for the first time in history. Can't talk about North Carolina with mentioning Kay Hagan and Bev Perdue.They help to set for record at an all time high for NC. Got lots to boast about! I think that keeping with a patriotic theme does not dwelling on the fact that Obama is African America(me too)but There will be several pages dedicated to that it's just that there's just so much to boast about that I don't want anything to confine my ideas and creativity. i will build on this book forever or at least until I'm satisfied that I have covered all basis.


i love it! I went to see Obama at Delaware and I just lookin for some ideas to scrap and perserve this moment in history. I know for me, there will never be enough pictures or words to capture how proud and inspired I feel.

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