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November 20, 2008


Tena E.

Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear this, but am very glad that they are safe. I will be happy to help with cards, I have a ready stash and would be pleased to send them to her. Blessings to her & your family.



Yes! God is good. I am so glad to hear that they made it out without serious injury. Your grandmother sounds like a real TROOPER!


My gosh Lisa - are she and your mom ok? I am so sorry to hear this. Glad to hear they both made it out ok.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Please keep me posted as to how they are doing.


To Lisa's Grandmother -- You are truly an inspiration and a lesson to us all on staying strong and being a survivor! When I grow up I want to be just like you! Happy Thanksgiving!


Many Blessing and prayers lifter for your continue health. God is good. So glad that your mom and grandma made it through. Things lost...people saved. Enjoy them each day!

Candace Mickens

Just wanted to say grandmother is doing okay under the circumstances. I tried last night to get her mind off things and had her surfing the web with me and I came to your site and bam there was her house on the front page. Fortunately I had quick fingers and flew right past the scene...Grandmother is one of the strongest women that I know (mommy too) and I know that it is because of their faith in God. However, she has not been ready to see those pics or the actual house for that matter. Maybe one day when she is stronger and the pain is not so fresh she will look at those pics and read what I am about to say.
Grandmother, I am so grateful to have spent 38 years with a woman full of grace, wisdom, strength and beauty. I learn something new about you everytime that I see you. We are so blessed and thankful to have you and mommy with us for yet another day, another week and hopefully many more years to come so that we can rebuild memories and create new ones for you to cherish wherever you reside. Because for us, you ultimately will ALWAYS reside and live strongest in our hearts. LOVE ETERNAL & UNCONDITIONAL. ~your granddaughter...Candy

Henrietta/Gida Mickens

Miss Ethel,
I have known of you, because your daughter married my brother; but it has been only the last couple of years that I've come to know you. My perceptions of you as being a small, quiet, timid, and delicate woman have changed since coming to know you more over the last couple of years. Yes, you remain the small, quiet, timid, and delicate woman; but you have great inner strength, deep and abiding faith in God, and the courage to "hold on" and "keep on pushing", even some of us much younger folk don't have! Your strength, gives those who love you even more strength to overcome. Miss Ethel, as you tell me as I travel my "spiritual journey" that the "Devil" will do anything and everything to change your path from the right one; hence I'm not worrying (too much--smiles) about you, because I know you are going to make it through! I love you Miss Ethel and Carol. Gida

Lisa Renée a/k/a LRY4everyoung

Lisa, a little late but my cards went postal yesterday. I’ll check in with you a later and see how your mother and grandmother are doing.

Lynne Mann

Hello Lisa,

I have just been made aware of your Grandmother and Mother's circumstance. Thanks to God that their lives were spared and that they are making it through with God's mercy. I will get together a care package and send it asap. God's Love and Blessings, Lynne Mann


Wow I am just soooooo THANKFUL that everyone got out alive.

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