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  • Lisa Sanford
    Wife, Mother of five, Mimi of one, author, blogger, photographer, family reunion coordinator, crafter, organization freak and busy, busy, busy!
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August 13, 2007



Lisa, so sorry to hear of this set back about your book. I know how hard you worked on getting this released. Prayers being lifted up for you. Hope you get some much need rest on you beach get away with your family, Good Luck with plan B...I'm sure things will work out. Keep the Faith.

Tena e.


Lisa, I am saddened to hear this and am lifting prayers for you. What a journey it has been! I'm glad you are able to get away for a bit. Thinking of you! Sending {{{{{BIG HUGS}}}} your way.


Lisa, so sorry to hear about the printer. That's insane!! Just remember that God doesn't give us anything that we (or He) cannot handle. Stay strong and do not be discouraged, it will all come together!


Sorry to hear this news I was just checking to see aobut the book...God does all things well and there is a reason for everything..Cynta


So sad to hear about the delay of your book. I pray you become refreshed, revived, and much success on finding a blessed printer, and that you are fruitful in your finances! Be encouraged and know you CAN do ALL things-this book SHALL come to completion! (((Hugs))


Lisa just remember that when one door closes 2 more open and you will get double for your trouble. so you continue to be blessed. arneshia


Lisa, Don't look at this as a roadblock but as an opportunity for a GREATER Blessing!!! You have MUCH, MUCH support and you will have your book published at just the right time. {{Hugs}} Cheryl H.


Lisa -- Cheryl is so right! And I know you know it. Stay strong, lean on your family and friends and, above all, KEEP THE FAITH!


Stay strong Lisa. This is God's way of saying the timing isn't right yet. Your dream will come true. Keep the faith.


I just read this. I'm so sorry to hear about this. Just remember your book release was delayed not denied.


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